Frankfurt facts and figures

Frankfurt am Main is a German city with round about 650.000 inhabitants, 25 % of this population is foreign. Frankfurt is situated in Hessen and it is a well-known city in the world, because the Frankfurt airport is one of the largest airports in Europe. Frankfurt is the financial capital of Germany; a lot of banks have their headquarters here. But Frankfurt is also civilized place where a visitor can do a lot of sightseeing.

Some other interesting facts about Frankfurt am Main are:

  • 4 buildings higher than 200 meters
  • 258.000 computers in Frankfurt
  • 332 credit institutions
  • 4.293 scheduled passenger flights a week
  • Over 60 museums and exhibition halls
  • 171 hotels
  • 50 cinemas
  • 38 discotheques
  • 5 universities and polytechnics
  • Superficies of 248,3 square kilometres
  • The highest point in Frankfurt is 212 meters above sea level

Frankfurt is a city where every visitor can have an agreeable time,
because Frankfurt offers everything a visitor needs. We hope you have a great time in Frankfurt am Main!